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 Feeding The Shire's Hummingbirds!

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PostSubject: Feeding The Shire's Hummingbirds!   Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:20 am

Recipe for Feeding the hummingbirds:

In a pot
2 cups of warm water from the faucet
1/2 cup of Sugar

Put on the stove and heat while stirring just to have the sugar dissolve no need to boil, remove once the sugar is dissolve. 
Cool down and put it in the feeder. 

That's it! It is better to put it up 1 cup at a time if it's in the 80's as it will go bad with the heat, but otherwise if your feeder can contain the 2 cups just pour it all.

Clean well your feeder when you need to refill. 

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Feeding The Shire's Hummingbirds!
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