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 My Winged Babies Now In Heaven....

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PostSubject: My Winged Babies Now In Heaven....   Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:46 am

As promised, I finally got around getting my old album! The pics are not good quality, I had a poor camera and it's been so long... it's hard for me to look at them, it revives everything, so hard to part with those you love, can't wait to see them all when my time will have come and I'll be with them in Heaven!

This Willy my canari enjoying some time out! That's 1979

He loved to sing on top of his cage after he had enough flying in the kitchen  giggling same day as above

1980 Willy and his wife Titine

1980, They had 2 babies and boy and a girl! I was so happy the boy was looking like his dad and the girl like the mom... but soon enough i had to go to the sorrow of losing them both because of my cat! When it happened I thought i'll never recover losing them...

1984 Willy back in his old cage as his wife had died! I had decorated his cage for Christmas

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PostSubject: Re: My Winged Babies Now In Heaven....   Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:50 pm

When I take Josephine outside to hop around on the ground in her open playpen, I have to keep her in my sight at all times!
Here's a picture of her playpen!...

If she 'disappeared' I would be totally devastated!

That was a neat story about your bird and baby's, Merry!  ddream
Thanks for the pictures too!  hug
(Well, it wasn't neat about the baby's dying, though!)
Wow! Would I ever flip if Josephine had baby eggs! Grin
Oh! Just to watch her maternal activities! ddream
You're lucky to see that, Merry!  ddream

(Christmas decorations on his cage!  laughtotear - Well! That would be the only thing to do, Merry!  laughtotear )

Oh, here's a sad news bulletin...
I cut the Squirrels off of Sunflower seeds.
99% of my Squirrels had serious combat wounds.
I mean, some, really Grotesque! ...other wounds ..hideous!
Seeing that 'everyday' was 'sickening'.
So, I cut them off of Sunflower seeds, so they wouldn't be fighting anymore.
I miss them and and their entertainment.
I still got my birds though.  Grin

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My Winged Babies Now In Heaven....
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