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 Snowfall in Hobbiton

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PostSubject: Snowfall in Hobbiton   Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:50 pm

Here are the pics showing the full quarter to half an inch of snow we got on the 23rd of December! Laughard
But it was still great to have it, it's better than nothing  Wink

I took the pics when i first got out which was around 6 am, so it was still quite dark, except for the last one as the sun was rising.

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PostSubject: Re: Snowfall in Hobbiton   Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:30 pm

Well! Wow! Doesn't that all look 'magical'!  ddream
thkyou for posting the pic's, Merry!  blowkiss
Now, that first picture is real art!  dazzled

Hey! How-come the cows aren't under that tree, Merry!?  laughtotear  

I looked-up in the internet, and it says we get an extra 2 minutes of daylight with each day passing!
So, in 30 days, we'll be getting 1 hour more daylight!
I like this short daylight!
In the Summer, the daylight is tooo sooo l-o-n-g!  yawns ...and  bored

Why did you take a picture of that door knob, Merry!  laughtotear

Oh! But you've got BEAUTIFUL wood grain!  ddream

I see your big balls of Hey too!  Grin

Yup! an authentic picture of a real Ranch! ddream
I like the Barn!  yes

That's a real good dark picture of your cows meandering!  ddream
Yes, it looks quite magical with the snow.  ddream

The Bobcat was around again yesterday!
'Actually' I've been told it's not a Bobcat ...it's a Lynx.
Whatever it is, it's probably got sharp teeth!  laughtotear
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Snowfall in Hobbiton
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